Whats in the name "Dream Makers"?

John plays guitar and spent many years as a traveling musician. One of his mentors was a unique master of guitar, the late Michael Hedges, who published a song - with very inspiring lyrics, in the early 1980's called "Follow Through".

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One of the lines of lyric in Follow Through goes like this: "You can be a dreamer. You can be your dreams come true. Just let imagination lead, reality will follow through"

What are your dreams?

If you are clear, focused and have a plan of action, you can be your dreams come true. We believe that, and therefore we took on the name 'Dream Makers' - making our own dreams, and those of the people we work with, come true.

Be a dream maker - not a dream breaker!
This is what Dream Makers are all about!

The Meaning behind Dream Makers Logo

  • The Dream Makers unique logo is an oriental lighthouse on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
  • The ocean represents the uncertainty of everyday life, tossing around in the world of the "Rat Race".
  • The high cliff represents obstacles life presents to us . high and insurmountable . if only there were a way!
  • The steps to the lighthouse represent a well marked path, each step is learning process.
  • The lighthouse represents illumination, where integrity and knowledge combine to provide security and light the way for others.
  • The Dream Makers Logo is a Registered Trademark ™.

Dream Makers History:
Dream Makers, Inc. (DMI) was formed in 1997 by John Charleston and Cecily Wright, as a training company to support the success of their network marketing business associates. With the help of their friend and 25 year network marketing vetran, Robb West, they produced the original "Steps to Success" published by Dream Makers in 1998.

Dream Makers soon became known as the 'successful crossline training organization'.

Their motto was "No more orphanes".

May 1998
May 1999
In the summer of 1999 the three of them drove over 15,000 miles in their motorhome providing over 30 trainings for hundreds of business associates.
Since then DMI has developed and published business ‘systems’ that have produced an 87% retention rate during an 8 year period of time. Successful retention has provided a true residual income for John and Cecily that provides for a lifestyle that many hope for.

Success by Intention

Truly, there are no coincidences - and the fact that you are here reading this now is something to ponder!

John and Cecily are always looking for entrepreneurial individuals that are interested in developing a lucrative networking business. If you are interested in, or know some one that is looking into the industry to create a real retirement income, learning more about the business that John and Cecily are involved with and potentially working directly with them could be a good thing.

If you would like to talk with them you may write to them directly at johnandcecily@dreammakers.net.

What does it take to succeed in this exciting, challenging business? What is the most important factor contributing to success?

New distributors must develop a firm belief in the company, the products and, perhaps most important of all, in the leadership providing training and support.

What is needed is a 'Plan of Action', step by step processes with simple duplication - that leads to success:

1. Accurate and complete information about the company and products.
2. A complete
'Game Plan' with time markers designed to get your business growing quickly.
3. A marketing system to build your business.
4. State of the art processes to have a viable presence on the Internet.
5. And finally, a
'Simple Commitment' that guarantees your success.

DMI has developed notable training techniques that have made all the difference in the world for people wanting to grow from "caterpillars to butterflies" in their networking business! These techniques are dynamic, they change as new and more effective ways to become successful are made known, primarily through the sharing of actual, hands-on experiences. There is no training / marketing program like it.

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