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Volume 4, Issue 5          Guiding your future in business and in health        May 1998

USANA Distributors hold the ultimate in synergy

When Distributors combine forces, the sky's the limit
Team Spokane is a group of USANA Distributors that has become so close and supportive of one another that they sometimes forget they're in different downlines.
    Last year after the USANA Getaway Cruise, Cecily Wright and John Charleston from Spokane, Washington, met to determine what they could accomplish together, versus separately. "Our goal in the beginning was quite small," says Cecily. "We wanted to develop meaningful Distributor training sessions on a bi-monthly basis, and have regular business briefings held in a professional setting and manner."
    The collaboration of Distributor talent in Team Spokane personifies the synergy and crossline teamwork that makes USANA such a leader in this industry. And Cecily and John are described as the concrete that holds the team together. The Team Spokane Distributor force now consists of over 130 people, and boasts a theme that shows their commitment: "Friends Succeeding Together."

"No more orphans!"
    About the time Earl and Jean Ringle decided they wanted to build their business, their sponsor moved away, leaving them without support - you might call them orphans. "Luckily, this was when we met Cecily Wright and John Charleston," says Jean. "Since then we have never felt alone."
    Jean has been constantly amazed at the

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Cecily Wright &
John Charleston

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Earl & Jean Ringle

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Lynn Flores-O'Connor

generosity of Cecily and John. "They have given unselfishly of their time and vast knowledge to any and all of us without thought of anything in return," she says. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the feeling of community that has developed. There is no concern as to whose downline one is involved with. "We are indeed a family, helping each other build our businesses," Jean says. "I often wonder just  where we would be if Cecily and John had not pursued their vision of Team Spokane."
    Lynn Flores-O'Connor has a sizeable downline, but little upline support.  Fortunately for her, Team Spokane has helped her manage and train Distributors in her organization. "Cecily and John have become leaders to me," says Lynn. "They have so much energy and enthusiasm, and they promote everyone's events - regardless of whose downlines they're in. Their dedication and open invitation to trainings has helped me learn the business and it's given me credibility in training and motivating new Distributors."

The ultimate synergy
    The power of 100,000 people working to help each other outweighs the power of one million people trying only to help themselves. That's why USANA is successful - that's synergy.