Welcome to Dream Makers;
“The Fusion of Integrity and Networking”

What is Dream Makers about?


Dream Makers, Inc., established in 1997, is the corporate identity for founders John Charleston and Cecily Wright of Green Bluff, Washington. Dream Makers Inc. is a preeminent leader in the home-business – lifestyle training industry.

When looking for a way to create a new lifestyle, including more money and the time to enjoy it, doesn't it make sense to find a qualified mentor to help you along the way?

Of course it does. Who wants to ‘recreate the wheel’ with today’s time and money limitations?

What John and Cecily do is help those that are truly serious about creating a life of financial freedom to learn about the Network Marketing Industry; how it works and what it takes to become successful. Once people have been ‘educated’, John and Cecily share with those interested what it is they did to create a solid  six-figure income with a successful team of business minded entrepreneurs – all with a focus on real financial success.

Open and honest communication = Success!

As a responsible person you would probably enjoy the straight talk and ‘win-win’ plan of action that John and Cecily use to create a ‘residual, recurring’ income.

Many sincere people feel imprisoned by their daily jobs; not enough money (and no way to increase it within their job), and no time to do with their lives as they hoped their future would show up. Some people have money, yet have no time to enjoy the benefits of their hard work. Many people have time and no money to enjoy it. John and Cecily know – Seventeen years ago they were there too.

Their story is similar to many when they took that first ‘look’; both came from high end corporate jobs; John from a 25 career in Construction Management where he was responsible for millions of dollars of work for an offshore real-estate development conglomerate. Cecily came from a 30 year executive career in the Banking Industry. Both were looking for a way to create a secure, stable, stream of income, and Network Marketing looked promising.

However, shortly after joining a company back in 1995 they recognized the status of the Network Marketing Industry was not all it was sold as being, John and Cecily set out on a personal journey to discover what caused the huge number of ‘failures’, when it seemed obvious that what everyone was looking for is truly available within the Network Marketing blueprint.

Suffering is Optional

At first they connected with many of the guru’s of the time, spent a lot of money, and after a few years of following their teachings, they realized that path was like being in line; ‘the blind leading the blind’' line.

At this point they realized they ‘knew enough’ to step away from all the hype and get some perspective. And when they did, they saw that ‘what was missing’ for them, as leaders, was to provide a ‘game plan’ that would educate their personal recruits as to what was necessary to ‘win’ in their endeavors to become financially free. They wanted their 'business partners' to become educated and ‘choose’ in.

One of their business mentors teaches “The only way to judge something is by ‘results; often harsh, always fair”. They looked at all they had learned, kept what they knew to be true, got rid of what they experienced as ‘hype’ and ‘BS’, and designed a curriculum similar to that which any successful Fortune 500 company would implement to train their employees. Unique to John and Cecily is that they implement their training with prospects prior to recruiting them to be members of their team.

Results that Count

Simply said, once that plan was in place, taught, and followed, business success for John and Cecily took off. And over the course of the next 8 and ½ year period, this system resulted in an 87% retention rate of their personally sponsored – a remarkable number in the industry!

In fact, there is a terrific story woven into this - 5 years ago (back in 2008) life took some turns and provided more challenges in their lives. Then needed to take care of these challenges and so stopped building their business and focused on other issues. Those problems cleared up around 2010 but John's attention had turned to the problems of America and especially in Eastern Washington State. Both he and Cecily became quite involved with county politics through the 2012 election cycle.

That is 5 years folks.

What other industry can you build a business in where you can take off for 5 years and still get a check each and every week?

So, if you are just hooking up with us, you are about to experience the ride of your life. With the company we are building now we were able to create a weekly income exceeding $2,000 within 5 months - when we took our foot off the gas we consistently drew over $2,800 a week. We can help you do that too!

We have put together ALL the elements that work in one place - the best place to start IS right here.

Sign up for our 6 Unique Lessons - and check out the videos on the first page of the Resource Center - MLM Wealth Training. This is the secret language you have been looking for!

Industry Advocates

Being strong advocates of the industry, they participated as Founding Executive Board members of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals and continue to actively support the associations mission of being a voice for you; the distributors in our Industry.

What's next for you?

If you are interested in building a truly successful residual income business in the Network Marketing industry, and are interested in finding a mentor that can help you be successful – step, by step, you owe it to yourselves to have a conversation with John and Cecily today.

Learn more about Dream Makers history here.